Books to buy & download (as soon as they are finished)

As an instructor for almost two decades, I have planned tens of courses about coding, design, web-development etc. and wrote all the course materials myself. Hundreds (read thousands) of Power Point slides plus exercises. Now I have decided to use my experience from training to write books about the same topics I teach.

Books to wait for

I have two drafts that I work on; CSS layout and WordPress theme making.

CSS Layout Technologies

This book will explain thoroughly but with easy visualizations how browsers really lay out elements. It will cover all the current layout techniques; Absolute layout, Floating, Flexible box and CSS Grid. I will also demonstrate with real-life examples how these techniques should be used together. One should understand that the new layout techniques are not replacing the old ones but complement them.

WordPress Theme Development

I have done WordPress themes for my clients. In some cases, I have used so-called developer starter themes and in some cases, I have created the theme from the scratch. Starting with an empty file in the editor. The theme for this blog is also something I started from the scratch. In this book I will cover main aspects of theme development; the whole process, theme file system, customizing your theme, adding a theme menu in dashboard etc. All you need to create your own theme.

When to expect these books to be ready

Writing a book takes a lot of time and effort. Yet I have a couple drafts and plan to finish them this year. These books are written in my spare time and because I have a life, a wonderful wife, and two dogs, I can’t steal all the time from them. So the books are not priority number One. But they are on their way…

Meanwhile, you can read this blog. Every article is a step closer to publishing these books. If everything goes as planned, the first book should be available in summer 2018.