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What my JavaScript articles are about and to whom they are

published: 06.02.2018 / comments 14

JavaScript may be the most important language today (2018). But this has not been the case always. Because JavaScript has such a strong position in web development, the internet is full of tutorials, guides, articles and such. I’m not trying to compete with them and try to write complete JavaScript tutorials. Then again, I feel that I may have something to say to new front-end coders, and that’s what I’m going to do.

Plain JavaScript or libraries

In this blog, I will mostly publish Tips & Tricks, small solutions or explain how to use and how to not use JavaScript. At this point, I feel that I’ll try to stay with plain JavaScript and avoid jQuery and other libraries. If possible, I rather use my own small scripts than libraries made by others. Libraries and frameworks are fine and absolutely needed but I have seen too often them being used instead of a simple self-made solution.

Because this site is aimed at beginning developers, I try to stay on topics that they benefit the most. Frameworks and libraries will have their turn in the future. Who knows what I get in my mind…


Author of this site: Kari Selovuo

I'm a web developer/designer, instructor, and writer who has a mind of a developer and a heart of a designer. I like to share my knowledge and help others learn web development.

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