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Journey to Unknown Code: the Beginning

README FIRST: Why and to whom these tutorials are written

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Hello World!

Wellcome to my new blog started in January 2018. I’m a professional Instructor on web technologies working in a Finnish IT training company Corellia Helsinki. I’m one of the founders and partners of the company. All web related stuff in my responsibility. That is designing for web, web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), web accessibility and WordPress. I also write to my company blog but only in Finnish.

I started my career in the past millennia and I have worked with several programming languages and technologies; Pascal, Cobol, Visual Basic, Java and the past years only with web related stuff like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Why this blog exists

I have noticed that the best method to learn something (for me) is to explain or teach it to others. In this blog, I intend to document code and techniques I have used by writing articles about them. Even if I have already used the techniques, I want to understand them better and hopefully, I can help you too to learn the same stuff.

Topics I cover in my tutorials

I have structured this blog in two technical top-level categories, Back-end and Front-end. In addition to these, there is a general category “Everything else”. Under these top-level technical categories, there is categories for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress in general and WordPress theme making. This is the structure I start and new categories may emerge if needed.

Back End tutorials

Back-end is the backbone of the web

Without back-end, there is no front-end! In my articles, I write mostly about WordPress. WordPress may be considered as the most important content management system because of its market share. In my tutorials, I deal with WordPress in general, web security and WordPress theme development.

Front End tutorials

Front-end: What matters

The world is full of frameworks, tools, and libraries to “help” us with front-end coding. Unfortunately to get the best advantage of them, one must understand the underlying technologies well. My advice is not to learn front-end coding by learning any frameworks or such. Forget Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton or whatever you might want to use. I write these articles mainly aimed at beginning developers but I hope that even more, seasoned developers may find useful information here.

I have followed freecodeacademy and some other similar sites that help people to start a new career in front-end development. These sites are great but they also seem to approach the subject in a way I can not always agree. For example – In the very beginning you need to use Bootstrap in exercises but you were never really explained how responsive layouts work in browsers. Neither how browsers render a page or media queries or different layout techniques…  I strongly disagree with this kind of learning.

You can’t learn to be a carpenter by assembling IKEA furniture!

I write articles about these technologies and just plain HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Not jQuery or any other framework because a developer needs to be able to create the needed functionality by herself. It’s better to start using frameworks only when you really understand the basics and you no longer need to learn the stuff. And even after that – never stop questioning the need for a framework.

Learn the basics and Do It Yourself!

Share and Comment

As a default, commenting is open. Comment, ask questions or just say hello. Coding is a creative process and most tasks have alternative solutions. Other may be better than others but there is not one absolutely one and only solution for most tasks. All solutions that work are kind of correct. One should always aim to the best and learn new methods and rewrite their own code if needed.

Please correct me if you find an error! Or, if you have an alternative solution or opinion, feel free to express it. Please share if you found my article usefull.



Author of this site: Kari Selovuo

I'm a web developer/designer, instructor, and writer who has a mind of a developer and a heart of a designer. I like to share my knowledge and help others learn web development.

Twitter: @KariSelovuo

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