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published: 05.06.2018 / comments 9

These days online security is a topic you can’t avoid. And that is good because not all users even understand the risks and the scale the problems, that may follow. Users have been informed about the importance of awareness of the risks but still they are blind to the most obvious.

In these articles, I point out my observations and ideas about security.

Understand the risks

In every technology there are threats. We just can’t avoid them, but there is no need to panic. If we become too afraid of using the internet or any of the services that exist to make our lives easier. The important skill is to be able to identify the real risks and act accordingly. It is equally important to know how to avoid the risks and use the services safely. So, putting the risks in scale is important. The factors to consider are the probability of the risk to come true and the amount of harm if so happens. All the security measures must be chosen keeping these in mind.

False sense of security is the worst. If one does not understand the risks and how to protect against them, one can feel safe even if the security measures taken are insufficient. Feeling safe when one is vulnerable is maybe the worst case. Then again worrying too much has no purpose.

What to expect from these articles

I’m not a security expert but a concerned (and sometimes a little paranoid) internet user. I do take security seriously – both as a private user and a professional providing online services to my customers. I will point out my observations about security matters and my recommendations to good habits. The next article will be about two-factor authentication and how to use it.

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