Want to learn WordPress Theme development? I write no-nonsense tutorials about WordPress development. As an instructor I try to simplify things so that everyone is able to understand. My goal is to give You, my reader, enough information to start further learning afterwards.

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WordPress settings


There are some important settings we should set up right after WordPress installation. The format of URLs, default category, time…

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Installing WordPress


Installing WordPress is quite a straightforward operation. For an experienced user it takes only a couple of minutes but for…

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Local Development Environment for WordPress


Doing WordPress development on a production server is plain stupid. To have your own local environment is a prerequisite for…

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Theme design process


This article describes the WordPress theme development process. It all starts with a sketch of your website, description of the…

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WordPress Theme Tutorial


I'm starting a series of articles describing how to create your own WordPress Theme. You will learn the necessary techniques…

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Journey to Unknown Code: the Beginning


Hello World! Wellcome to my new blog started in January 2018. I'm a professional Instructor on web technologies working in…

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