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A series of tutorials about WordPress theme development

published: 10.02.2018 / comments 11

I’m starting a series of articles describing how to create your own WordPress Theme. You will learn the necessary techniques and the whole process from design to publishing your site.

Create your own WordPress theme

This is the start of a series of WordPress development tutorials. The tutorials in this series are written so that they form a continuous series from beginning to end in the order a theme is actually made. Each tutorial will cover one topic. If you follow the series from the beginning you can create your own theme step by step. Every tutorial is intended to be complete so that if you are interested only in one subject you do not need to read all the previous tutorials.

Contents of this tutorial

In this series of tutorials I will cover topics like:

  1. Theme design process; from HTML to WordPress theme
  2. Setting up local WordPress development environment
  3. WordPress installation
  4. Tools you need; editors and such
  5. WordPress theme files and file structure
  6. WordPress template hierarchy
  7. The loop; how to show the content
  8. Making header & footer
  9. Articles
  10. Pages & page templates
  11. Loading styles
  12. Loading scripts
  13. Adding an admin panel for your theme
  14. Saving custom options to customize your theme

My idea is to document as tutorial articles the process as I create one new theme. The topics may alter and their order may not be exactly as listed above and there will probably be topics that I have not listed.

Coding is learned through fingertips!

I’m keeping things simple. You need to write all the code yourself! That’s because it is the best way to learn to code. I do not use any starter theme like Underscores because they have already done many things for you. I want you to do everything yourself so you learn more about WordPress and then you know your own theme to the core. Learning like this, you can later develop your theme further, add functionality etc. If you then want to start your next project with Underscores or such, you already understand what they may contain and how themes really work.

If you like the tutorials, feel free to share them.


Author of this site: Kari Selovuo

I'm a web developer/designer, instructor, and writer who has a mind of a developer and a heart of a designer. I like to share my knowledge and help others learn web development.

Twitter: @KariSelovuo

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